About Us

We launched Mail Resumes to give job seekers a new and efficient way to find their next job.

Job seekers often spend countless hours searching job board sites and chasing recruiters without success. Mail Resumes’ 3-step process to job search was conceived to address the flaws/limitations of these conventional job search methods.

We believe a major problem job seekers face is the inability to get their resume before enough potential employers. So, we devised a new and efficient method to get your resume into the hands of many potential employers all at once.  

What do we do? We help you target employers that do not publicly advertise job openings, including those that do not post on job boards or use recruitment agencies (i.e., the hidden job market). It has been estimated that 70% of all jobs opportunities are in this hidden job market.    

Our team is ready to offer you a new strategic way to find your next job because we believe that everyone deserves a chance, and we strive to make that a reality for our customers.  

Contact us now for more information about how Mail Resumes can help you!