Why Personalized Mass Mailing Will Get You A Job

Mar 20, 2018

Many people reflexively think that postal mail is an outdated form of communication in the digital world. These people ignore that the growth of the internet has resulted in digital communication that is increasingly less personalized and overshadowed by spam mail. As such, it is unsurprising that studies show that recollection and response rates are higher for recipients of postal mail than email. Nevertheless, job seekers overlook postal mail when marketing themselves.

MailResumes is a service that utilizes personalized postal mail to market job seekers to millions of potential employers nationwide based on a job seeker’s own self-created job search criteria. Some of the reasons/benefits of using MailResumes as an alternative (or to supplement) online job search include:

1. The Majority of Job Opening are Not Publicly Advertised

Job seekers relying exclusively on online job search tools overlook the fact that most job openings are not advertised online, including more senior positions. To make worse, competing with other applicants for the minority of job openings that are advertised online can be a frustrating and often unsuccessful endeavor.

2. Most Online Job Applications are Overlooked

Often times online job posts are bombarded with applicants. As a consequence, employers sometimes use automated application systems to syphon out the majority of candidates. In many cases, you are lucky if your resume is even briefly skimmed.

In contrast, we believe that it is more likely that an employer that has received a hard copy of your resume/cover letter (and taken the time to open the envelope) will review it.

3. It’s a Numbers Game

MailResumes allows job seekers to mail their cover letter and resume to potentially thousands of employers all at once. As a result, even with a 1% percent response rate, job seekers may end up with many job interviews.

4. Applying to Online Job Postings can be Time Consuming

Applying to individual job postings online can be tedious. Many employers have created their own customized job applications, which are time consuming to complete; only to have your job application put into a pile (amongst other applicants) in the wishful hope it will be properly considered.

In contrast, MailResumes can send your resume and cover letter to a far broader audience in far less time.

5. Personalized Postal Mail Demonstrates Initiative

Sending your resume and cover letter by personalized mail gives the appearance that the job seeker has done her/his homework and is willing to take the initiative in order to achieve success.