The Hidden Job Market

Apr 11, 2018

The 70% to 80% of Job Vacancies Not Advertised to the Public

Job seekers increasingly rely on online job posts to find employment.  Studies, however, show that only 20% to 30% of job opportunities are advertised online. To make matters worse, applicants of job posts can face stiff competition and often times are unsuccessful. 

The remaining 70% to 80% of job vacancies make up the hidden job market (i.e., jobs not publicly advertised). Importantly, employers in the hidden job market are less likely to be bombarded with resumes of other job seekers, and more inclined to review your resume. As such, identifying employers/positions in the hidden job is a major advantage.

How can job seekers penetrate the hidden job market?  Networking is the most often cited method.  Networking usually involves reaching out to friends, colleagues, acquaintances, family members, and even strangers for guidance or opportunities.  Networking certainly is a useful tool, but it has its limitations.  Networking takes time and effort.  It also requires that you find people willing to put in the effort to introduce you to decision-makers in your targeted industry or profession. Even then, you are limited to those employers with which you can get an introduction thru networking. Which begs the question.  How do I reach the other potential employers in the hidden job market? 

One option is to search for potential employers online and reach out to them directly. Job seekers, however, often find the process of identifying potential employers extraordinarily time consuming.  Alternatively, you can use a service like Mail Resumes to search for potential employers for you.   

Mail Resumes uses a verified database to search for a key contact at each potential employer that meets your job search criteria.  Mail Resumes can also assist you with preparing a cover letter and resume tailored to your work experience and qualifications.  Finally, Mail Resumes will mail your resume and cover letter to those prospective employers that meet your job search criteria. 

Will mailing your resume and cover letter through Mail Resumes give you greater access to the hidden job market?  Absolutely. Mail Resumes can get your resume and cover letter in the hands of hundred, or even potentially thousands, of prospective employers.  In addition to added exposure with employers, a Mail Resumes’ mailing campaign will likely result in new networking opportunities.  Potential employers without existing job openings may also offer you help with your job search.

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