Mail Resumes helps job seekers stand out and market themselves to potentially thousands of prospective employers through a proven three-step process:

  • Step 1: We help you finalize a resume and cover letter that reflects your experience and qualifications.
  • Step 2: Using a customizable database of millions of businesses nationwide, we target search for potential employers that meet your job search criteria.
  • Step 3: We print, enclose, and mail a hard copy of your resume and cover letter to a named executive (or other key contact) at each potential employer that meet your job search criteria.

Mail Resumes supplements conventional (but often inefficient) job search methods.

We help our customers stick out and market themselves to a large number of targeted potential employers.  In particular, we help you target search potential employers that fit your job search criteria and then we mail your resume and cover letter to those potential employers. 

Click on the “Start the Process” tab located on Mail Resumes' home page. You will then be directed to provide us with your job search criteria. Based on this information, Mail Resumes will provide you with potentially relevant job categories and the number of potential employers in each job category.

You will then: (1) confirm the job category(s) that meet your job search criteria; (2) select the number of mailouts you want to send to potential employers; and (3) provide us with a finalized draft of your resume and cover letter (or request that we assist you with finalizing your resume or cover letter). 

We will then issue you an invoice. You can then use the invoice number to checkout.

The purpose of recruitment agencies is to find candidates for a specific job opening with an emphasis on finding the perfect match. The recruiter generally gets a commission when he/she places a job candidate with an employer. Unfortunately, recruiters often neglect the vast majority of applicants or disregard job openings where commissions are not offered.

At Mail Resumes, we only serve our customers and strongly believe that each job seeker should have a chance to find her/his ideal job.

Online job posts advertise one available position and are often bombarded with applicants, which can negatively impact placement rates and leave job applicants frustrated. In contrast, Mail Resumes allows you to instantly market yourself by distributing your resume and cover letter to a broader spectrum of potential employers, including those that are not actively marketing a job opening.

Studies have found that the attention/response rates for print marketing/mail exceeds email (and other digital communication). One study also found that some business professionals receive tens/hundreds of emails a day, but only received personalized mail roughly once every two months.

Direct mail is often perceived as a more trusted and personal way of marketing; whereas email is seen to be quick and informal. Mail Resumes mailing of hard copies of your cover letter/resume to a key contact at each potential employer adds a personal touch.

Finally, emails and digital resumes are easily deleted by a recipient; in contrast, it takes longer for the recipient to open his/her postal mail, thereby increasing the likelihood it will be reviewed by the reader.

Our fees are subject to change periodically. You can find out more information on our fees by clicking on our “Fees” tab.

Mail Resumes utilizes a major third party data provider that has business information for millions of businesses nationwide. With the help of the data provider, we can create a list of potential employers based on your: (1) job description; (2) geographic location; and (3) preferred employer size/revenue. You essentially create your own job search criteria, which determines which potential employers will receive your resume.

Mail Resumes uses a data provider that can search businesses by reference to the North American Industry Classification System (NAICS), which classifies professions, industries, and/or types of business. NAICS was formed and is used by various United States government agencies to classify business establishments according to the type of economic activity. Every profession, industry, and/or type of business is represented by one (or more) NAICS code.

Mail Resumes' third party data provider uses a database that is regularly verified and has an accuracy rate of approximately 95% according to the data provider. The database is regularly updated to included new businesses.

Absolutely. We will provide you with a list of recipients of your resume and cover letter, which will include each potential employer’s name, key contact and address. We will also provide you with confirmation that your resumes and cover letters have been mailed once we receive confirmation from our third party mail provider.

We anticipate you will get responses from some recipients relatively quickly. We can also include you in the list of recipients so you will receive your resume and cover letter by mail concurrently with the potential employers.

We encourage our customers to utilize any and all available methods of finding employment. While we believe that the use of Mail Resumes' services will result in a higher probabilitity of job placement, it should serve as a supplement to other methods of job search, including specifically networking.

Be alert to phone calls and emails from potential employers. During this time, make sure you are available to answer phone calls and timely respond to emails.

Note that you will likely receive numerous responses indicating that job openings are not currently available. Make sure you thank anyone who graciously takes the time to respond. Keep in mind that anyone that reaches out after receiving your resume and cover letter may result in a networking opportunity.

In our experience, the number of call backs and interviews you get will correlate to the number of mail outs you send out. It is a simple numbers game. Other factors obviously include the level of demand for employees in the industry, profession and/or geographic location you are targeting.

Our team can assist you in drafting a resume that is professional in form and substance with a cover letter that illustrates your personalized story. We endeavor to help you highlight your best qualities, skills, and accomplishments while marketing a persona that is confident, enthusiastic, and competent.