Our Services

We mail your resume and cover letter to prospective employers that meet your job search criteria. So what is our 3-step process?


1. Search for Potential Employers

We search for prospective employers that fit your job search criteria via a verified database of millions of companies categorized by profession, industry, type of business, size of business, geographic area, etc.

This search capability allows our customers to target a broad range of potential employers, including those who have not posted a job opening or engaged a job recruiter.


2. Finalize your Resume and Cover Letter

We help you draft a resume and cover letter that grabs the attention of prospective employers and leaves an impression. A resume that is professional in form and substance and a cover letter that illustrates your personalized story.

We also help you highlight your best qualities, skills, and accomplishments while marketing a persona that is confident, enthusiastic, and competent.


3. Mail Your Resume and Cover Letter to Potential Employers

We mail your cover letter and resume to an executive (or other key contact) at each potential employer that meets your job search criteria.

We mail each potential employer a hard copy of your resume and cover letter so it can be held and read; rather than skimmed on a computer screen.

Our customers may select the number of mail-outs they would like to send to potential employers.  As we see it, it is a straight numbers game.  The more potential employers you target, the greater likelihood of success. 

We are committed to helping you find the right job and strive to assure our clients are satisfied with our services. We are always here to work with you and together we will get your cover letter and resume in the right hands. Contact us now for more details on how we can start working for you.